Friday, November 25, 2011

It's been a busy past few weeks...

But that's because I've been learning how to decorate cakes.  My sister wanted me to take a cake decorating class with her, so I did.  The past four weeks have flown by because of how busy life has been, but add to that making multiple batches of buttercream icing and a few cakes and, well, it was busier!  I do have to say that in the middle of all this cake decorating I was able to go see my WONDERFUL friends for a weekend of scrapbooking, laughing, and hanging out together in Pennsylvania.  That weekend was definitely NOT long enough, but I am so thankful I got to go!  And it gives me something to look forward to since we'll definitely be getting together again!

But I digress ;)... 

So the last cake decorating class was this past Tuesday and we had to bring a cake to class.  It just had to be iced since we were going to be doing the decorating during class.  This was how my final cake turned out:
 I was pleased.  The roses need a LOT of work, but for my first attempts I don't think they're too awful.  My icing was just a little too stiff for even my drop flowers on the top layer of the cake, but they didn't come out too awful, either.  The cake itself is a yellow cake and I torted it with the same chocolate buttercream icing I frosted the cake with, so when the tallest pieces are cut, there are four layers of cake.  YUM!  Michael and Megan were very sweet and told me that this cake was the best they've ever tasted (I highly doubt that), and Jeremy just wanted more.  So I guess you could say the cake was a hit and the class paid off!

Speaking of the class paying off... My sister's birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, but rather than celebrate ON Thanksgiving, we're celebrating tonight at my house.  I'm cooking dinner and she requested the daisy cake for her birthday since she liked Megan's so much back in August.  Well, I worked on the cake last night after our Thanksgiving meal was finished, and I must say that I impressed even myself with her cake!  She wanted purple and pink, so I did the sides and top in a light purple and the outlines in pink.  The center is golden yellow with a white swirl, and there are white dots on the petals, too.  The colors don't seem to come through as pretty in the pictures as they are in person :(.  Here is a top view of her cake:

And here is a side view of her cake:

Yeah, I admit that I am proud of the decorating I did on her cake!  (If you look back at Megan's cake in August you'll notice just how sloppy it was... Oh well- at least it won't be next year!)  I think I'm done with cake for a little while after tonight, though.  I've had enough to last me quite some time ;). 

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